Optical Communications Group

The mission of the Optical Communications Group (OCG) is to conduct world class research and education in the field of optical communication system technology. The research group is a part of Institute of Telecommunications at Warsaw University of Technology and is led by Professor Jerzy Siuzdak and consists of senior researchers and Ph.D. students. The group members are highly skilled and dedicated researchers in the field of optical communication technology. Many of them gained valuable experience working at leading optical communication centers in the world. Moreover, the group have engineering capabilities in designing and realization of complex electronics and mechanical systems.

The conducted research concentrates on application of photonic technology in telecommunication systems. Key research areas include high speed and capacity transmission, fibre transmission impairments and access systems. OCG has a proven track record with successful participation in national and international projects. The group scientific output is presented in scientific journals and conferences. The group has established very strong cooperation with industry in Poland as well as abroad. Every year several students are graduating in the group. Members of the group are the authors of academic books considering optical communication. Definitely, OCG is a leading research group concerning optical communication in Poland.

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