Passive optical networks employing multimode fibers

Period: 2005-2007 (2 years)

Grant from: France Telecom

Cooperation: Wroclaw University of Technology, Polish Telecom (TPSA)

Status: finished

Project leader: J. Siuzdak

Participants: Ł. Maksymiuk, G. Stepniak, J. Toński

The grant consists of three parts: theoretical analysis of possibility of implementing MMF PONs (type of multiple access, topology), developement of the software for bandwidth calculation of the MMF PON, frequency response measurement (according to FOTP-204) of different MMF PON topologies. In the software development part we are to design the program which include such issues:

* mode mixing
* modal differential attenuation
* light source coupling
* fiber coupler influence on the bandwidth
* chromatic dispersion
* connector influence on the bandwidth