Development of the transmission method in MM fibers that employs the mode group multiplexing

Period: 2006-2008

Grant from: Polish Ministry of Science

Status: finished

Project leader: J. Siuzdak

Participants: K. Perlicki, T. Czarnecki, Ł. Maksymiuk, G. Stępniak, J. Toński


In contemporary MM fiber the mode group coupling is weak. It follows that energies launched to specific mode groups remain within these groups while propagating in the MM fiber. In this way, we may modulate light sources with different data at the fiber input and launch the light from different sources into respective fiber mode groups. After transmission we may separate these mode groups at the fiber output recovering various data streams at corresponding photo-detectors. The following problems have to be dealt with:

* Effective method of excitation of non-overlapping mode groups by separate light sources at the fiber input
* Separation of mode groups at the fiber output, and directing them to the corresponding receiver
* Influence of discrete optical elements (e.g. connectors) on the system operation