Increasing of the transmission capacity of multimode fibers by using of the Subcarrier Modulations

Period: 2007 – 2009

Grant from: Polish Ministry of Science

Status: finished

Project leader: prof. J. Siuzdak

Participants: T. Czarnecki, L. Maksymiuk, G. Stepniak, M. Kowalczyk, J. Tonski

The aim of this work is to investigate the possibility of increasing the transmission capacity of the Multimode Fiber (MMF) with the use of Subcarrier Multiplexing (SCM). According to the results of theoretical and experimental investigations, the typical MMF frequency response beyond the 3 dB baseband does not decay, but may exhibit several passbands or may be even flat. As a consequence, there is a possibility of transmitting the data beyond the 3 dB band of the MMF. The range of available passband is typically a magnitude of order greater than the baseband, therefore transmission speed increase is possible. In the theoretical part of the work, the frequency response of the MMF will be analyzed. Theoretical results will be verified with the use of an experimental setup for MMF frequency response analysis, that we have in our laboratory. The experimental and theoretical studies will be used to design and deploy an experimental SCM setup with the carrier frequencies above 1 GHz. In the experiment the commercially available RF devices such as VCO, filters etc. will be used. The quality of service with respect to the carrier separation and modulation index will be investigated.