Increasing the transmission bandwidth of multimode fibers using spatial light modulation

Period: 2008 – 2010

Grant from: Polish Ministry of Science

Status: finished

Project leader: prof. J. Siuzdak

Participants: G. Stepniak, L. Maksymiuk, T. Czarnecki, J. Tonski

The frequency response of multimode fiber is strictly related to the initial modal power distribution at the multimode fiber input as well as to the modes that are coupled to the receiving photodiode at the fiber output. By restricting the number of modes propagating in the fiber or the number of modes at the receiver an increase of the transmission bandwidth of the fiber may be achieved. The aim of this project is to spatially filter the light coupled from the light source to the fiber or from the fiber to the photodiode so that the 3 dB bandwidth of the system is increased. The proposed filtration methods operate in the spatial frequency domain. Both amplitude and phase filters will be considered.