Polarization fiber optics transmission

Period: 2007 – 2009

Grant from: Polish Ministry of Science

Status: finished

Project leader: Krzysztof Perlicki

Participants: T. Czarnecki, J. Tonski

Low cost polarization mode dispersion and polarization dependent loss emulators were designed and validated. The designed emulators were applied to mimic the polarization effects of the real optical fiber links. Impact of the polarization mode dispersion and polarization dependent loss effects on Polarization Division Multiplexing and single channel transmission system was evaluated by means of the statistical emulator. A method of multiplexing and demultiplexing three polarization optical channels in order to triple the capacity in the optical fiber links was proposed and experimentally implemented. A solution to the problem of recovering and tracking the signal configuration at the receiver side for digital optical transmission systems employing the polarization shift keying technique was proposed. The tracking algorithm for optical signal configuration was based on analysis of torsion and curvature of three dimensional curve segments. Impact of polarization effects on presented method was investigated.