Generalized carrierless amplitude/phase (CAP) transmission in Step Index Polymere Optical Fiber (SIPOF)

Period: 2012 – 2014

Grant from: National Center for Science (NCN,

Status: current

Project leader: prof. J. Siuzdak

Participants: G. Stepniak, J. Tonski


The aim of this project is investigation of the possibility of application of carrierless amplitude phase (CAP) modulation to high speed (~1 Gbit/s) data transmission in polymere optical fibers (POF) of step index (SI) refractive index profile and large core diameter (~1 mm) on distances of 50...100 m.

SIPOF is a transmission medium that has recently receiving high interest. Their advantages are immunity to interference, mechanical flexibility, ease of installation and much more relaxed tolerances on connectors compared to silica fibers. The most common material the fibers are made from is poly-methil-meta-acrylate (PMMA) and the most common refractive index profile is SI, with overall diameter of 1 mm. Rather low transmission speeds achieved in this kind of fiber are the result of high attenuation of PMMA and low bandwidth of the fiber. Despite those disadvantages, the interest in SI POF applications for short range home networks and local area networks (LAN) is high. However, to achieve a future proof transmission speeds (1 Gbit/s) in those fibers at distances of 50...100 m, either advanced modulation formats or correction of the fiber frequency response is necessary. In the authors’ opinion, a very promising solution for high speed data transmission in SIPOF could be application of CAP modulation. This modulation has been already applied in commercial systems, namely some xDSL standards and for ATM transmission in copper LANs. The project will be divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, taking into consideration the specifics of SIPOF transmission channel, the relation between the basic transmission quality indicators like BER and Q and modulation properties (filter bank, dimensionality) will be established. The theoretical studies will be verified in the practical part, in a hardware demonstrator of CAP SIPOF transmission system.